GTC Scotland

The General Teaching Council for Scotland

Comhairle Choitcheann Teagaisg na h-Alba

Letter of Professional Standing

If you are planning on teaching outside Scotland the authorities in that country will likely require proof of your registration in Scotland.

The Letter of Professional Standing (LOPS) states that you are registered with us, or are eligible for registration. The letter confirms that you are either qualified as a Primary teacher or as a Secondary Education teacher including the subject. This further states that registration was not suspended, revoked or cancelled for any reason.

You should note that in the vast majority of cases, other countries may also require you to be registered with GTC Scotland. We would urge you to check with the specific country to establish exactly what the requirements are.

Proof of Registration: Scottish Employers

If you are looking for proof of your registration for a Scottish employer you can direct them towards the Search the Register function. This online register allows users to check the registration status of any teacher who is registered with us. Search the Register

Please note: there is an administration fee of £35 which must be paid to GTC Scotland before the LOPS can be issued.

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