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Comhairle Choitcheann Teagaisg na h-Alba


Sep 2019  Under the terms of the Public Services Reform (General Teaching Council for Scotland) Order 2011, it is for GTCS to determine what constitutes a recognised teaching qualification for individuals seeking registration with GTCS as a school teacher. As part of this process, and after due consultation, GTCS sets minimum entry requirements for the teacher education programmes in Scotland provided by Teacher Education Institutes that lead to recognised teaching qualification.
Sep 2019 Guide to becoming a teacher in Scotland and registering with GTCS.
2020 Whether you are a fluent speaker, an experienced learner or somebody with basic or no Gaelic at the moment, this booklet is designed to help you begin your journey towards teaching in Gaelic in Scotland.
2020 Mas e neach-labhairt fileanta, neach-ionnsachaidh eòlach no cuideigin gun ach beagan Gàidhlig no gun Ghàidhlig sam bith an-dràsta a th’ annad, tha an leabhran seo air a dhealbhadh gus do chuideachadh air do shlighe a dh’ionnsaigh teagasg sa Ghàidhlig ann an Alba.
Sep 2019 Guide to returning to teaching and the GTCS Register.
Oct 2013 This information leaflet provides information on the requirements for teachers who wish to teach a modern language.

Apr 2012  This publication sets out the key principles and values for registered teachers in Scotland.
Apr 2012 This Code, which should be read in conjunction with CoPAC, sets out the key principles and values for student teachers in Scotland.
Aug 2017 These Rules are the General Teaching Council for Scotland Fitness to Teach Rules 2017 and came into force on 21 August 2017.
Sep 2019 This policy sets out what GTCS will investigate under its fitness to teach (FtT) procedures. This is important information for anyone wishing to make a referral to the General Teaching Council for Scotland about a teacher's conduct or professional competence. 
Jun 2017 This policy sets out how the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) communicates information about our fitness to teach (FtT) cases to the public.
Aug 2017  This publication sets out the role and functions of any Legal Assessor in attendance at Fitness to Teach Panel or Appeals Board hearings.
Sep 2019  These guidelines set out our policy on the content, nature and duration of programmes leading to teaching qualifications (TQs) for the primary and secondary sectors. They supersede those issued by GTCS in June 2013. GTCS ensures that these requirements are met through accrediting all programmes of ITE in Scotland. 
Sep 2019 The evaluation criteria in this framework are designed to assist the process of internal review of ITE and external accreditation and approval. The format for the evaluation framework is centred on 'key aspects' to which ITE Institutions are expected to respond.


This Policy Statement lays out the processes related to the evaluation and accreditation of programmes of ITE in Scotland.
May 2017 This tool aims to help teacher educators and their students to engage with and reflect on Values and Learning for Sustainability. It can be used both by individuals or by colleagues to develop a shared understanding through reflection, discussion and action.
Sep 2019

GTCS sets minimum entry requirements for the teacher education programmes in Scotland provided by Teacher Education Institutes that lead to a recognised teaching qualification.

As long as an applicant meets the minimum entry requirements, it is for providers of Initial Teacher Education (ITE) to decide whether to accept or reject an applicant in line with their general admissions policy.


This literature review was commissioned by GTCS to inform the Memorandum on Entry Requirements to Programmes of Initial Teacher Education in Scotland.

The specific aim of this review is to identify the current discourse on minimum entry requirements to initial teacher education (ITE) in a number of jurisdictions including: England, Scotland, Australia, United States, New Zealand, Ireland, and Finland.

Jan 2021 This policy will ensure that the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) operates its CCTV in a way that complies with the standards set out in the Data Protection Code of Practice for Surveillance Cameras and Personal Information published by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).
Oct 2020  This publication provides information on requesting a deferral of a Teacher Induction Scheme placement.
Mar 2011  This policy clarifies how GTC Scotland will interpret and apply certain aspects of the Election Scheme within the overarching framework of the Order.
May 2019   Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy demonstrates our commitment to the promotion of equality and diversity and how we take equality into consideration in everything we do.
Aug 2018 The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that the GTCS can continue to use personal data to carry out its functions and deliver its services, whilst preventing, or minimising the impact of, information security incidents in relation to personal data. 
Nov 2018  The purpose of this policy is to provide clear guidance for GTCS staff involved in any procurement activity, ensuring best practice is followed. It also aims to ensure that out procurement activity is sustainable and meets the longer term needs of GTCS and its Registrants.
Sep 2012    This policy provides useful information for people who are or will be provisionally registered with GTC Scotland and provides guidance on completing a period of probation.
November 2020 This policy sets out our commitment to achieving high standards in records management. The policy is supported by our Records Management Plan, our Records Management and Retention Schedule as well as our Information Security Policy.
April 2019 Terms and Conditions of Contract for Purchase of Goods/Services.
January 2021
November 2020
November 2020
November 2020
October 2020 This guide is intended to complement employer’s policies and help teachers embed a children’s rights-based approach and effective learner participation into their practice.
August 2020 GTC Scotland has created this guide to provide support for teachers to reflect on their understanding of equality and diversity and how it relates to their professional lives and actions.
April 2020 The purpose of this guide is to provide a context for responsible use of electronic communications and social media. The guide helps to highlight potential risks to teachers and offers guidance about how to avoid them.
Dec 2012   Including the Standard for Provisional Registration and the Standard for Full Registration.
Dec 2012 This Standard will help teachers to plan and develop their own professional learning needs and to ensure continuing development of professional practice.
Dec 2012

These Standards have been developed to support the self-evaluation and professional learning of those in, or aspiring to, formal leadership roles in schools.

The Standard includes the Standard for Headship, which will become a pre-requisite for all new headteachers in Scotland from 2019. To attain the Standard for Headship, teachers must successfully complete the Into Headship qualification.

Dec 2018 These Standards have been developed through partnership working between the College Development Network and GTC Scotland. They are designed as a benchmark for learning and teaching, and to enhance and promote professional learning.

Professional Update

We are currently reviewing our Professional Update Guidance.

Professional Review and Development (PRD)

Oct 2019   These revised Professional Review and Development Guidelines have been shaped and created by the profession, for the profession. They are designed to support the development of cultures that foster teacher agency, promote teacher-led professional learning and enable collaborative professionalism.

Validation Guidelines and Criteria for Professional Update

GTCS seeks to ensure that the key purposes, principles and features of the Professional Update process are applied consistently across Scotland for all registered teachers. Validation processes have been developed and agreed for Independent Schools, National Organisations, Local Authorities, Universities and Colleges.

Dec 2015 These rules set out our criteria for registration as well as for the award of standards. They also set out rules that govern registration generally.

Publications Scheme

This Guide to Information will help you to: see what information GTCS publishes about its activities; find this information; request information we hold that has not been published.