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Practitioner Enquiry

Practitioner enquiry is an area of professional learning which was highlighted in Teaching Scotland's Future (Donaldson, 2011) as a way forward to support teachers to become more engaged with research to support their own learning and ultimately pupil experiences.

There is a main focus on school-based enquiry, including consideration of:

Practitioner enquiry is evident in the GTCS Standards and in Scottish Education policy. Teacher education and what it means to be a teacher in Scotland is being reconceptualised. Teachers being and becoming enquiring practitioners is at the heart of that. Whilst the term 'practitioner enquiry' is not new to the Scottish education system what is now proposed is distinctly different in three key ways:

  • the underpinning principles and aims of practitioner enquiry are being discussed and shared
  • it is envisaged to become an integral aspect of the day-to-day practice of teachers and other education professionals
  • it is being recognised that for systemic change support is required at all levels of the system

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