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Comhairle Choitcheann Teagaisg na h-Alba

Professional Values Learning Resource

GTC Scotland has produced a professional learning resource to support school leaders, groups of teachers and individuals to explore their Professional Values.

Teacher professionalism and teacher identity are underpinned by Professional Values which are at the heart of the GTCS Professional Standards. These Professional Values include: social justice; integrity; trust and respect; and personal commitment. These are reflected across all of the Professional Standards and are fundamental to all registered teachers regardless of post.

The professional learning resource is designed to help practitioners to:

  • Explore the professional values which are at the heart of the Standards and are reflected through professional relationships and practices
  • Explore and support the connection between Professional Values and practice which underpin teacher professionalism and teacher identity
  • Help inform practice and professional actions.

This resource explores how Professional Values underpin teacher professionalism and teacher identity. It is split into the following sections which can be used separately or collectively to interrogate professional values:

  • Reflective questions around Professional Values
  • Professional Values in policy
  • Professional Values in the Professional Standards
  • How do Professional Values underpin my practice as a teacher?
  • How do Professional Values help my professionalism and teacher identity?
  • Using a coaching wheel to self-evaluate my practice

The values pack takes the form of a PowerPoint presentation, featuring video, audio and exercises that can be completed individually or as part of a group.

Watch a recording of our first webinar, during which our Senior Education Officer Charlaine Simpson delivered a session introducing the Professional Values Learning Pack.


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