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Comhairle Choitcheann Teagaisg na h-Alba

Our Consultations

This consultation page is used to invite comments on what we are doing. You will find out about, and can participate in, current consultations and will also be able to see the results of past consultations, together with our response to any comments received as part of that exercise.

We are committed to working with teachers, members of the public, including parents, children and young people, and all stakeholders with an interest in Scottish education and the work of GTC Scotland in maintaining and improving professional standards. Through consultations we invite your views when we are planning new areas of work or proposing to change the way we do things. We always welcome suggestions for improving the way we carry out our work.

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Registration Rules Consultation

We are consulting on proposed new Registration Rules to replace the current Registration and Standards Rules which were put in place in 2015.

The Registration Rules set out GTC Scotland’s registration criteria, ongoing registration requirements and how the Register of Teachers operates. They cover initial registration (entry to the Register) as well as enhancements to registration (for example, the awards of Professional Standard for Headship and Professional Recognition).

The current Registration Rules are now over six years old and require to be reviewed. Over the last six years there have been many changes to Scottish education, teaching and GTC Scotland’s own policy context, including the introduction of mandatory registration for teachers in the independent school sector (by 1 June 2021) and college lecturers (from September 2021) as well as a new requirement for headteachers in local authority and grant-aided schools to be awarded the Professional Standard for Headship. Brexit has also taken place, meaning the legal framework in relation to the recognition of professional qualifications between European member states is no longer in place.

Recognising all of these factors and following internal review and engagement with key stakeholders, we are now consulting on proposed new (and renamed) Registration Rules. This consultation is necessarily detailed in order to ensure transparency about proposed changes.

End date: 5 January 2022

Documents related to this consultation

Alternate formats of these documents will be made available on request:

Respond to the consultation

If you wish to submit a response to this consultation, please do so using the following survey. To assist you when completing the survey, the consultation document above notes the statements to which GTC Scotland is seeking your response. For each statement you are asked to indicate the strength of your agreement or disagreement and invited to provide additional comments, should you wish. Please note that the survey can not be saved and returned to at a later date.

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External Consultations

When it is appropriate, we respond to external consultations in relation to the teaching profession in Scotland and education in general.

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